H K W E L L N E S S is committed to enhancing your quality of life. Somewhere along the way, the majority of us lost track of what it means to truly feel (and look) AMAZING.
It’s time we take control and work towards becoming the best versions of our self through movement, nourishment, and mindfulness. 
Let me teach you how to move your body, how to nourish your soul, and how to ease your mind.

Anabel T.

“I had an aversion to CrossFit for a long time. I wouldn’t have ever started, except that friends who invited me to join them for a workout with Hannah didn’t mention it was a CrossFit style program.

I grew up playing sports (into college level) and have lifted weights for the better part of my life. After a few minutes with Hannah, I knew I had a truly gifted and great coach in front of me. I know better than to let one of those slip by.


New Moms Small Group

Chris L.

Hannah’s specialty gymnastics class was just what I needed.  Being a tall, lanky uncoordinated individual I signed up hoping to gain a little better form and understanding of the movements.

The class exceeded all my expectations.  From doing the most muscle ups I’ve ever completed in a workout to increasing my performance on HSPU, rings and pull ups, I also felt strengthening of my core and shoulders which will help me in all my workouts.


Gymnastics Specialty Course