A lesson from the Universe

What a wild time in our history of humanity. We’re not used to so many unknowns. We’re not familiar with lifestyle disruptions. We are not comfortable with limited access to distraction.  Yet, we are all experiencing the energetic shifts that are happening around us. 

Feelings of frustration, fear, insecurity, and loneliness are extremely heavy to hold. But these feelings can become our biggest teachers if we let them. Saving space for ourselves within the chaos to simply “BE” allows to lean in to the discomfort, feel what we need to feel, and learn how to change our subconscious “reactions” into conscious “responses”

As difficult of a this time may be, let us honor it for the opportunity we are being presented with. We are being called to reconnect with ourselves. We are being forced to slow down. We are being given the space to open ourselves up to the lessons the universe is presenting us, both individually and as a collective whole. 

My lesson is to surrender desire for control. My lesson is to accept what is and have trust that I am on the right path. 

Perhaps your lesson is to realize your job is not your life, or that your sense of security no longer lies within yourself. Perhaps your lesson is to realize how much you enjoy cooking, or discover that you have an innate desire to help others around you. –

Whatever your lesson may be, it’s yours to learn within any given situation. All I know is that we have a choice to look for the lesson or suffer without purpose.  To learn is to grow, and that may be one of the greatest gifts in our human experience.

Stay tuned for some mindfulness practices to help lean in to your lesson. 

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