Mindful Breathing

A common coping technique used under stress is to  remove ourselves from our surroundings and retreat into our minds. Here we can relive our past and contemplate the future, creating a fertile ground for anxiety. Living in this “uncontrollable” state can quickly carry us away.  A simple yet powerful tool to redirect our energy back to the body, back to our present moment, is through our breath.

Start by sitting into a comfortable position.  Place one hand on your stomach, the other on your chest. Close your eyes and get quiet. Turn your lips up into a gentle smile.  Feel the warmth of your body on your hands and start to notice your natural breath. When ready, lengthen your inhale by filling your abdomen, feeling your belly rise. Continue this deep breath into your chest, feeling your chest expand. Get as much oxygen as possible.

Exhale and release completely, flushing out tension within the body. Take 12 deep breaths and return to your normal breathing. Asses your body and mind. Repeat as needed.

Our breath is our life force, a grounding technique available to us all, anywhere we may be.

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