Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is first and most important step on a journey that can totally transform your life. We’ve been given one body, and it’s our duty to give it the tender love and care it deserves. How we choose to nourish ourselves is the foundation to our health, body composition, and performance- it’s the ultimate form of self care.

HK Wellness Nutrition Coaching is a monthly program that provides nutritional education, customized nutrition plans,  and on-going support.

Together, we will determine your long and short term goals, adopt behaviors to achieve these goals, and use outcome-based decision making to determine which method is best to feed your body.


This approach is for the majority of folks, those who are new to nutrition and/or looking to improve their relationship with food. We start with the basics by forming daily habits that can drastically change your body. We set goals and manage expectations. We build your knowledge base and give you confidence for sustainability. 


This approach is for folks who have previous experience and/or nutrition coaching. You have a great base of information, but need help in knowing how much you should be eating to reach your goals.  You will be required to track your food intake and hit certain macro goals. 


This approach is for folks who are comfortable with tracking food, are consistently hitting their macros, but have yet to reach their goals. We will focus on the timing of nutrient intake and make nutritional adjustments as needed.

Our strategy will be to form eating habits that are sustainable for you. I want to enable  you to view your nutrition as a lifestyle rather than a temporary diet.

Please note that I cam a certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach with 5 years of experience working with individuals of varying athletic background.  Nutrition advice and plans should not be replaced for medical consultation.