Anabel T.

“I had an aversion to CrossFit for a long time. I wouldn’t have ever started, except that friends who invited me to join them for a workout with Hannah didn’t mention it was a CrossFit style program.

I grew up playing sports (into college level) and have lifted weights for the better part of my life. After a few minutes with Hannah, I knew I had a truly gifted and great coach in front of me. I know better than to let one of those slip by.

I had had my first baby a few months before I joined. I was quietly suffering in postpartum depression and anxiety that kept me from returning to work. I missed feeling strong, energized, purposeful and being part of a team.

Hannah and HK-Lifestyle training filled those holes but also gave me more. In a matter of weeks I was leaner and stronger. I had something to look forward to 3 days a week. And I made new friends.

A few months into starting this new workout program, I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd. I kept going. Hannah has experience working with pregnant athletes and she has made this pregnancy entirely different. My first pregnancy I stopped running at 14 weeks. I’ll be 34 wks in a few days and still happily running. I’m more comfortable sleeping at night because we work on a lot of mobility. I’m still strong. Oh, and the pants I had to buy 3 months postpartum… I can wear them buttoned and zipped…at 8months pregnant.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Hannah the gifts she’s given me: better mental and physical health and strength, goals, purpose, friendships, and pride in my accomplishments. I look forward to Mondays more than any other day and I can’t wait to get in there this morning!”

New Moms Small Group